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Approved EA/FONSI/Section 4(f) Evaluation and Supporting Documents. [Environmental Assessment Documents]

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Public Hearing Materials - June 10, 2014

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Project Renderings
Title Download
Gulf Breeze Renderings Download
Pensacola Flyover Renderings Download
Pensacola At-Grade Renderings Download
Bridge Aesthetics Renderings Download
Conceptual Alternatives - Central East Alternative
Title Download
Central East Gulf Breeze Download
Central East Pensacola At-Grade Download
Central East Pensacola Flyover Download
Central East Shared Use Path Comparison Download
Conceptual Alternatives - Central West Alternative
Title Download
Central West Gulf Breeze Download
Central West Pensacola At-Grade Download
Central West Pensacola Flyover Download
Central West Shared Use Path Comparison Download
Traffic, Typical Section, and Profile
Title Download
Conceptual Profile Download
Future Traffic Download
Title VI Civil Rights Download
Typical Section Download
Section 4(f) Profile
Title Download
Section 4(f) Avoidance Comparison Download
Public Hearing Handout
Title Download
Handout Insert Download
Public Hearing Handout Download
Public Hearing Presentation with Script
Title Download
Public Hearing Presentation Download
Public Hearing Comment Form
Title Download
Public Hearing Comment Form Download