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Approved EA/FONSI/Section 4(f) Evaluation and Supporting Documents. [Environmental Assessment Documents]

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Public Hearing Documents - June 10, 2014

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Draft Environmental Assessment / Section 4(f) Evaluation – 3/2014
Title Download
Environmental Assessment DRAFT (March 2014) Download
Appendix A - Planning Consistency Documentation Download
Appendix B - Water Quality Impact Evaluation Download
Appendix C - Park Land Deeds and Documentation of Significance Download
Appendix D - Standard Protection Measures Download
Appendix E - Comments & Coordination Report DRAFT (March 2014) Download
Preliminary Engineering Report
Title Download
Preliminary Engineering Report DRAFT (April 2014) Download
Appendix A - Alts Considered (Concept Plans) DRAFT (March 2014) Download
Appendix B - Preferred Alt (to be completed after Public Hearing) Download
Appendix C - Typical Section Package DRAFT (April 2014) Download
Appendix D - Design Variation Package DRAFT (February 2013) Download
Appendix E - Long Range Estimates DRAFT (April 2013) Download
Appendix F - Safety Analysis FINAL (February 2013) Download
Appendix G - Access Management Report DRAFT (February 2013) Download
Appendix H - Utility Impact Assessment Report DRAFT (February 2013) Download
Wetland Evaluation and Biological Assessment Report
Title Download
Wetland Evaluation & Biological Assessment Report DRAFT (April 2014) Download
Essential Fish Habitat Report
Title Download
Essential Fish Habitat Assessment DRAFT (April 2014) Download
Cultural Resources Assessment Survey
Title Download
Cultural Resources Assessment Survey (December 2012) Download
Contamination Screening Evaluation Report
Title Download
Contamination Screening Evaluation Report (October 2012) Download
Conceptual Stage Relocation Plan
Title Download
Conceptual Stage Relocation Plan (September 2013) Download
Noise Study Report
Title Download
Noise Study Report FINAL (July 2013) Download
Air Quality Technical Memo
Title Download
Air Quality Tech Memo FINAL (July 2013) Download
Pond Siting Report
Title Download
Pond Siting Report REVISED FINAL (February 2013) Download
Geotechnical Investigation
Title Download
Preliminary Roadway Soil Survey (August 2012) Download
Report of Geotechnical Investigation FINAL (July 2013) Download
Bridge Hydraulic Report
Title Download
Bridge Hydraulic Report & Appendices FINAL (August 2013) Download
Bridge Development Report
Title Download
BDR (Volume I) FINAL (August 2013) Download
BDR (Volume II) FINAL (August 2013) Download